4ths Coach – Dave Beaumont

Baseball Experience, playing and coaching

I began playing baseball at Dingley and played through their junior ranks in the winter. During summer I have moved between clubs, starting at Bonbeach for a year, before coming to Sandringham. I only lasted at Sandringham for a couple of years however as I was required to play for Springvale as part of my schooling at Haileybury up until year 12.

I have also played seniors in the Dingley 3rds before moving to Monash Uni in B grade playing in their 1’s. During the summer I have since returned to Sandringham for the past few of seasons, whereby I have transitioned into a coaching role, commencing with the Under 16 Metro team in 2015.

Monash Uni has also provided me with the privilege of being 1’s team manager in 2017 whilst I was out with a knee injury. Prior to that I was part of the Unigames squad in 2014-16, including winning a silver medal as a catcher, and being team manager in my final year.

Best tip a coach gave you growing up.

“Have fun”. I am a firm believer that the game can become too serious at times and you can forget to enjoy yourself. Always smile.

What’s your main philosophy when coaching a team?

Respect the game. It is important to do the little things around the ground, hustling on and off the field, supporting your mates, respecting your equipment opposition and the umpires. At the end of the day you will only get as much out of the game as you put in.

Who is a great role model for young players?

Roger Federer. He may not play baseball, but there is a lot to admire about this man. Everyone is fully aware of how graceful he is around the court, but it is important to note that as a junior and early in his career, Federer struggled with his emotions. As a budding youngster of the tennis community, finding himself in trouble with the umpire, he was able to pull his head in and gain control of his emotions. To see his transformation into arguably the greatest tennis player of all time as a result of his change in attitude goes to demonstrate how effective positive behaviour can be on your own game. Not only is he humble in his success but he also demonstrates how your great rivals on the court can be great mates off the court.

What brought you to Sandringham Baseball Club?

The thought of being able to play at a successful A grade club with the potential to win a premiership! Plus the quality of the older guys around the club with an endless amount of knowledge to learn and to continue to develop from.

Team you support in the MLB & AFL

Seattle Mariners from my time living in Washington State.
North Melbourne

An interesting fact about you that not many people know.

I was a gymnast before I took up baseball because as a child I had no hand-eye coordination.