Baseball Australia Community Umpire Program

December 9:

Do you want become a certified baseball umpire?

Baseball Australia (BA) have now released details of the revised Umpire Development Program (UDP). Names of the various levels have changed along with the structure and delivery method for the various levels of Umpire accreditation.

The new levels are named as follows:

  1. Community Umpiring Program replaces Level O (Orientation)
  2. Association Umpire Program replaces Level One
  3. State Umpire Program replaces Level Two
  4. National Umpire Program replaces Level Three; and
  5. International Umpire Program replaces Level Four (and Five)

Previously the Level O course consisted of a 3 to 4-hour course which covered rules, mechanics, on field positioning etc. The Community Umpiring Program now comprises the following components:

  1. Registration with the State Director of Umpiring
  2. Completion of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) ‘Officiating General Principles’
  3. Completion of the BA Umpiring Online Resource
  4. Successful completion of Community Umpire Exam
  5. 1.5 hours of on-field instruction by accredited Instructors / Senior Umpires
  6. Practical Assessment by an Instructor / Senior Umpire

To register, complete the attached form Umpire Registration Form and return to Ian McKenzie by email (ian@IDMcKenzie.com). This will then be forwarded to BA who will send out an “Introductory” email with details of how participants progress through the course.



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