Club Pitching Coach – Tim Ballard

Baseball Experience, playing and coaching

Played college baseball at Arizona State Univ., Yavapai College in Prescott, Az, Fresno State Univ.

Played minor league professional ball in the Kansa City Royals and Chicago Cubs organisations.

I have played and/or coached at every level of baseball in Australia. From T-Ball to Australian teams, both men and women.

Was General Manager of the V.B.A. in the ‘80’s.

Currently an Australian scout for the Seattle Mariners.

Best tip a coach gave you growing up.

To present and compete. And keep presenting and competing. Every time you have a uniform on.

What’s your main philosophy when coaching a team.

To get each player to play their role within the team and to combine those individuals into working together as a unit. And to always remember the fun of playing baseball.

Who is a great role model for young players?

Any player who trains to improve. And plays hard every pitch. Present and compete

What brought you to Sandringham Baseball Club?

I was recruited to the club, from California., by Peter Macfarlane and Barry Matulick in 1983.

Team you support in the MLB & AFL.

Don’t really have one favourite MLB team. When I was in High School it was the Houston Astros.

Fitzroy was my team. Carn the ‘Roys! Now a Lions supporter. Not Brisbane – The Lions.