In addition to the National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities published by the Australian Government on 2 May 2020, Baseball Victoria is adhering to the following guidelines as part of the national family of baseball states and territories:




  1. Baseball Victoria will follow any direction from the State and Federal Government and align with the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport.
  2. Baseball Victoria will review activities as directed by the State Government should restrictions or guidelines be amended or updated.
  3. Baseball Victoria encourages the use of the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe App.



  1. Hand hygiene facilities or products must be available to all participants and attendees. This includes access to a sink and soap for handwashing and/or hand sanitiser with over 60 percent alcohol.
  2. Avoid sharing equipment or apparel.
  3. 3. Minimise catering or shared food/drink facilities.
  4. Frequently touched surfaces, work areas and equipment are cleaned thoroughly.



  1. Maintain social distancing measures. In accordance with the AIS principle of ‘Get in, train and get out,’ this means participants should come prepared to training and games, as well as quickly pack up and leave once their activities have finished.
  2. Return to Activity will see no use of any indoor facilities, Return to Play will see restricted use of indoor facilities.
  3. No mass gatherings including club or committee meetings, team meetings, on field huddles or game discussions. Baseball Victoria supports the use of video and telephone conference technology to replace face to face interaction.
  4. Limits on the amount of people attending training and game play.
  5. Signage will be provided by Baseball Victoria. This signage will be customisable for clubs to convey important social distancing, hygiene and cleaning protocols.



Under no circumstances should anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 attend any baseball training, games or events.

This includes any fever, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, sore throat, cough, fatigue, or lack of sense or smell.

Under no circumstances should anyone attend the event if they have been:

i. Overseas in the previous 14 days; or

ii .In contact with someone who has been overseas in the previous 14 days; or

iii. In contact with a known COVID-19 positive case in the previous 14 days.



  1. A COVID-19 Officer will be appointed at each club to ensure protocols are undertaken and maintained.
  2. In addition to encouraging all participants to download the COVIDSafe App,
  3. All participants will be required to register with SportsTG that they are attending training, including any club committee members or coaching staff;
  4. All clubs will maintain a register of attendees, including dates and times, and this information will be shared with and monitored by Baseball Victoria.



  1. Safety of all participants and the wider community is the top priority for Baseball Victoria and underpins all decisions related to the Return to Activity and Return to Play.
  2. Resumption of Baseball Victoria activities of Baseball Victoria activities should not compromise the health of individuals or the community.
  3. The resumption of Baseball Victoria activities will contribute to the health, economic, social and cultural benefits of the participants and wider Victorian community.



Currently applicable to all of Victoria

Awaiting update from COM Directions, Restricted Activity Directions post the announcements for 22 November 2020

Activity can now recommence for outdoor community sport in no more than groups of 50.

Baseball Victoria Summer Clubs will continue to provide their training registration forms, and all players must still be registered to train. Baseball Victoria will maintain records of all attendance at all training.

Baseball Victoria will continue with its Return to Activity as follows:


  1. All Clubs need to nominate a COVID-19 Coordinator, who will be the Baseball Victoria direct contact for updated information and compliance.
  2. Clubs can now access outdoor facilities including batting cages for training while maintaining social distancing rules (1.5 metres apart, 4 square metre rule).
  3. Clubs can now access toilet facilities.
  4. Clubs can access indoor club room and change room facilities as per their Local Council Requirements.


  1. Junior full contact training can commence.
  2. Junior full contact competition can commence.


  1. Adults full contact training can commence.
  2. Adults full contact competition can commence.
  3. Practice Games can commence, intra-club and intra-competition.
  4. Were intra-competition practices matches are conducted, they will be reported to Baseball Victoria.



Confirmed from 11:59PM 22 November 2020

Baseball Victoria continues to develop the return to play protocols in line with government restrictions. Hygiene, social distancing, monitoring and testing protocols described previously still apply. Refer to the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport.


  1. Full training activities, including contact activities.
  2. Australian Government Health Department resources will be prominently displayed in the facilities and entry points, including handwashing, social distancing and cough advice.
  3. Officials and players to maintain 1.5 metres distance between each other at all times, unless during game play. Scorers desk to be cleaned during the game.
  4. Entry into venue and exit out of venue to be clearly identified if possible, with arrows on the ground. Designated area for incoming teams (both home and away) to gather and warm up at the venue. Limited physical contact and coming together in tight huddles during training or games.
  5. Access to support and treatment officials for strapping or massage is limited.
  6. Sports medicine equipment that used for more than one person must be sterilised between uses.
  7. Treatment officials to wear required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in line with Victorian Department of Health and Human Services recommendations.
  8. Personal drink bottles only.
  9. Provide external benches/chairs at the facility to maintain physical distancing on the bench.
  10. Treatment equipment to be wiped down and sanitised before and after each use.
  11. Venues to be secure with a single access point for players, officials and other personnel requiredat venue (such as umpires, security, media). Records of attendees to be maintained for each match.
  12. Entry and Exit points should be marked with signage and communicated to athletes and officials prior to commencing competition.
  13. Where possible, pick up and drop off zones should be established in car parks or at the front entrance to a facility to clearly indicate where people should wait, while maintaining social distance, for drop off or collection from the facility.
  14. Venues and accessed areas to be cleaned and sanitised before and after each use.
  15. Minimum contact of non-essential surfaces to occur and hands on treatment should be kept to essential only.
  16. Masks are to be worn outside on the field, where social distancing cannot be maintained, on the bench, while in groups or where a player determined it is there personal preference to wear a mask, they may do so at any time.

Baseball Victoria has prepared a list of frequently asked questions, which will be regularly updated and can be found on their website.




The following general hygiene practices for players and officials always apply, in line with government advice:

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Wash or sanitise your hands before eating (all players and officials should have personal hand sanitiser).
  3. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  5. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  6. Cover your mouth to cough or sneeze (using your elbow).
  7. No sharing of towels/water bottles/food, including lolly or fruit bowls.
  8. Any areas (meeting rooms, treatment rooms, change rooms etc) accessed by players and officials to be comprehensively cleaned and sanitised after each use.
  9. Clubs to take steps to adequately clean and disinfect player facilities (once available) before and after use.
  10. Clubs must do all they can to reinforce the above precautions, including making appropriate hand washing facilities available, as well as the provision of alcohol-based hand sanitiser and tissues.
  11. Medical officials must follow protocols as outlined in infection control training (ie: disposal of gloves in between treatments, wearing of face masks).


  1. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers must be available in the dugout once competition has resumed.
  2. Spitting and clearing of nasal/respiratory secretions on diamonds or other sport settings is not permitted.
  3. No sharing of headsets or computer screens/iPads, without cleaning measures in place.
  4. All equipment to be cleaned and disinfected prior and after sessions and games.
  5. No high fives, handshakes or other physical contact.



  1. Any advice on testing for COVID-19 will be guided by the State Government and Health officials.
  2. Should any member become symptomatic, they must undergo relevant testing and follow isolation procedures until the results of the test are available.
  3. Any other relevant testing will be implemented at the request of health professionals.



  1. Any member, participant or volunteer that has a reasonable expectation or whom receives a positive test, must notify their Club or Baseball Victoria, having already adhered to the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services requirements to report and notify any positive test results.
  2. Any Baseball Victoria member (participant/coach/volunteer/club) can notify Baseball Victoria of any positive test or updated COVID information via the Baseball Victoria office telephone number: (03) 9645 8000 (this telephone number is connected to Baseball Victoria seven days a week, 24 hours a day) or via email to the Baseball Victoria CEO (Link: Baseball Victoria Contact Details)
  3. All members MUST be registered to attend training (Link: Baseball Victoria, Return to Training Registration).



Baseball Victoria:

  1. Requires all participants, coaches and volunteer to register to Return to Training (Link: Baseball Victoria, Return to Training Registration);
  2. Registration requires contact details including current address and telephone number;
  3. All training sessions are required to submit a list of attendees to Baseball Victoria (Link: Baseball Victoria, Return to Training Attendance);
  4. Any Baseball Victoria member (participant/coach/volunteer) can notify Baseball Victoria of any positive test or updated COVID information via the Baseball Victoria office telephone number: (03) 9645 8000 (this telephone number is connected to Baseball Victoria seven days a week, 24 hours a day) or via email to the Baseball Victoria CEO (Link: Baseball Victoria Contact Details)
  5. Baseball Victoria will notify – DHHS, Sport and Recreation Victoria, the Local Council where the case is reported and VICSPORT.
  6. Baseball Victoria will notify any effected participants via their provided contact details, via text message, via email, via the Baseball Victoria website https://baseballvictoria.com.au/



Umpires, scorers and game day officials will follow the same protocols as players detailed in the Return to Activity when competition resumes. Baseball Victoria will be working with the Baseball Umpires Association of Victoria to ensure umpires are ready to commence a Return to Play.



Based on currently available information and clinical expertise, older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. As part of the Return to Activity with training in small groups, there will be limited coach interaction and no officials (umpires or scorers) permitted to be present. For the Return to Play, any person who is over 65 years of age or with underlying medical conditions would be required to continue to follow current social distancing requirements, and when needed, additional measures will be put into place to ensure those distancing requirements can be achieved.



If clubs are either warned or fined by Police for breaking an enforceable direction, Baseball Victoria will follow the process under the Baseball Victoria By-Laws and Member Protection Policy. If Baseball Victoria is notified of an instance where a club is reported to have breached an enforceable direction, the matter will be reported to Victorian Police.

An individual found in breach of current restrictions may be fined $1000 on the spot and a club/association/business may be fined $5000 on the spot by the Victorian Police. Non-compliance is considered a breach of the Baseball Victoria Member Protection Policy and Baseball Victoria Code of Conduct and as such penalties will apply.