Junior Presentation and Connexxion Awards Night

March 2nd:

Our Junior Presentation and Connexxion Award Night was held on the 1st March, and once again, it was a well-attended event with the club rooms full of kids and parents.

This night is one for all T-Ballers, Rookie ballers, Little League Minor (both Friday and Sunday Teams), Little League Major, Junior League and Senior League teams.   Awards for each team are handed out to those individuals who have performed exceptionally as judged by the team coaches.

In addition, Connexxion Awards were presented to a player from each team recognizing those who represent the core values of our club, not necessarily the best player, but the player who trains well, listens, implements instructions, and displays good sporting behaviour.

Our major junior sponsor is Connexxion Business Solutions.  They are an IT company based in Canberra, and provide much-valued sponsorship of our junior program.  Much of the new equipment at the club purchased this year are from funds generously donated by Connexxion.

Our Connexxion Award Winners for 2016-17 are pictured below:

2017-03-01 06.49.45

Prior to presentation of the individual awards, Sandringham Junior Co-ordinator, Rick Wills, took a moment to congratulate the Rookie Kings, who finished runner-up in their competition.


The individual awards were presented by team and are listed below.

Rookie Ball “Royals”

Batting Award:  Harley Knox
Fielding Award:  Xavier Connor
Coaches Award:  Owen Roberts

Friday Night “Kings”

Most Valuable:  Jay Henry
Coaches Award: Claudia Wonnacott
Most Improved:  Sunny Fontana

Friday Night “Royals

M.V.P:   Nils Salomonsson
Most Improved:  Hunter Richardson
Coaches Award: Sam Pertile

Little League Minor “Royals”

M.V.P:   Robinson Smith
M.V.P Runner Up:   S.Stillwell
Third M.V.P:  Peter De Zuba

Little League Minor “Kings”

M.V.P:   Claudia Wonnacott
Best Team Player:   Tyler Connolly
Most Improved:  Daniel Fox

Little League Majors

M.V.P:    Matt Kaplan
Most Improved:   Parker Austin
Best Team Player:  Ted Clayton

Intermediate League

M.V.P:   Balin O’Callaghan
Pitching Award:  Jack Caughey
Coaches Award:  Jett Beaton

Junior League Minor

Pitching Award:   Jett Beaton
Sportsmanship Award:  Isaac Jacques
M.V.P:  Peter Somogyi

Junior League Major

M.V.P:  Josh Smith
M.V.P  Runner up:  Balin O’Callaghan
Golden Glove:  Sam Skinner

U16 Metro League

M.V.P:   Toby Allsop
Fielding Award:  Cole Kelton
Pitching Award:  Gareth Little

U16 State League

M.V.P:  Aiden Flynn
Batting Award:  Luke Socic
Most Valuable Team Player:  W.Connolly

Congratulations to all winners!  And thanks to Rick for MCing the night, and Tony, Libby, Julie, Ralph, Matt, Di and Andrew for organizing the food and running the Canteen.

Some random photos are below:

2017-03-01 06.07.36 2017-03-01 06.21.46 2017-03-01 06.35.57 2017-03-01 06.37.50 2017-03-01 06.45.10 2017-03-01 06.48.42 2017-03-01 06.53.35 2017-03-01 06.55.00 2017-03-01 07.10.35 2017-03-01 07.12.11 2017-03-01 07.13.03 2017-03-01 19.47.29 2017-03-01 19.58.16 2017-03-01 20.01.56



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