Little League Minor Wrap – A Nailbiter

November 15:

Firstly, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there this weekend for the game against St.Kilda.

I did however watch every pitch via Game Changer as it happened!! It was fantastic, and speaking to Nick afterwards he told me just how terrific an effort we made.

It was a nail biter …. the final score of 7-5 meant that we just snuck across the line, and there’s no doubt the 5 run rule assisted us.

It was a pleasing start to the game – with Robinson doubling to become our first base runner, followed by our rookie Angus Hopkinson. Some discipline in the batting box got a couple of runs over early and at least set us up for the game.

Hunter made a great ground ball out at second, and a couple of strikeouts put us up at the bottom of the first.

The second inning we threatened again – clearly we weren’t keen to swing the bat, but a walk to Sunny and another double by Roo opened up the opportunity …. but with no luck.

The bottom of the second saw the St Kilda boys start to work their way back – a lead off double, followed by a walk had the home team in a strong position with no outs, but our boys fought back, and despite the bases loaded threat managed to strike out the side and keep them off the board.

The third inning proved crucial for us – with some lack of control with the StKilda pitching, we managed to plate 5 runs of our own. Clearly the boys did well reading the pitch and they certainly understand the strike zone – there’s no doubt though, that we need them to start to unleash the bats to give them the confidence required to score runs, rather than wait for a base on balls.

It was great to see a couple of really quality at bats, particularly Peter – each plate appearance he worked the count full fouling pitches off, and generally knowing his zone, it is a great skill to have; it elevates pitch counts and keeps you in the game. We just need to see some solid contact with the bat like a couple of weeks ago when he was on fire!!

With Sunny coming in to replace Roo – we allowed a couple too many to reach base, but pleasingly once again – the baseball knowledge shined through, as a comebacker to Sunny was scooped up and thrown back to Sid for a force out at the plate to deny St Kilda a run. It’s a terrific heads up play – and one that really shows the boys are thinking about their baseball. Something both Nick and I couldn’t be prouder of.

With St Kilda scoring 5 of their own in the bottom of that inning it was the first inning that made the difference and got us over the line.

It was a terrific effort, and congrats to Sid who once again caught a complete game.

Thanks too to Zac Bowen who joined us from Friday nights, to help make up the 9 …. it was brilliant to have you along.

Get along to training this week and we’ll see you at home on Sunday for a game against Chelsea. Please note the first pitch for this game will be at 8.30!! The game time has been altered due to previously arrangements made with the Chelsea Dolphins .

Let’s Go Royals



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