Little League Minor Wrap – Round 6 – We Played Baseball!

November 21st:  

I don’t know about anyone else – but today’s game was intense! In a good way!

There’s no doubt we have had an incredible start to the season – but as we begin to see teams again, nothing is the same as before … and the Chelsea Dolphins showed that today.

They came to play, and boy have they improved. It’s what is great about this competition – and they will knock over lots more teams before the end of this summer!

For our part – we got through again. But it was no cruise!

There’s no doubt that the season is more enjoyable when you have a few wins, but today I was keen to focus on some other things …. they are the kinds of things we will need to hold us in good stead for the remainder of the season, and the ever improving opposition teams will demand it of us.

I asked the boys this morning to be more concerned with hitting, than scoring runs; being a hitter not an umpire … and that’s a challenge. No one likes striking out – and the temptation to not swing the bat is high, when you get value from getting on base. Fortunately we had an umpire with a similar view!! A massive thank you to Iain Richardson for stepping out of the cool of the shade, into the heat of the diamond this morning.

There were a few of the boys none to happy with what they saw in terms of the strike zone – but Iain was more than fair, and they learned quickly that this game is about making adjustments. Hitters that watched pitchers that were close were struck out – and those that swung the bat were rewarded.

Congrats to Jacob who kicked us off beautifully as he batted in the first run of the game. Whilst it wasn’t a safe hit – the ball was put in play, and it allowed our runner to score. An RBI to Jacob, and hopefully an understanding of how important that little statistic is.

Hunter Richardson was the difference maker for us today.  In the bottom of the third, Hunter connected with a ball hard along the right field line – it allowed Sunny and Sid to score, and put us in a great position. Once again, the value of a hit proving more valuable than a walk. A ball put in play scores to runs for our team – and the valuable 2 RBI’s to Hunter

Sid too proved that we were sticking to task – once again a safe base hit scored Peter D, and some great heads up base running from Robinson saw him score from second on the infield hit.

Ultimately, we scored 6 runs on 4 hits – not exactly the amount of hits I had hoped for, but when you consider three of those hits scored 5 runs …. it really does prove the power of hitting.

Overall I was really pleased – Roo had an up and down day on the mound, giving up a couple of hits – but managing to work out of a jam on more than one occasion, but it was the massive effort from Peter that held our little team together. His throwing has improved incredibly, and the effort to come in in relief was brilliant – combined with getting on base twice from three plate appearances shows how much improvement there has been!

It was the best game of baseball I’ve seen this team play – a couple of great catches, a double play, and the ability to make adjustments with the bat saw us really play baseball for the first time. It’s exciting to think about how much further we can go – and with the quality of opposition that Chelsea provided, we’re going to need to keep working hard.

Thanks so much to Ella for her continued scoring work, and also to Andrea for the thankless task of managing and trying to keep up with the constant changes to schedules, times, and playing rosters. A massive thanks to Nick too – we lucky to have someone who loves the game as much as he does working with our kids.

Next week we’re on the road to Cheltenham, against Chelt Blue. I’m looking forward to it already!!

Let’s go Royals!!



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