Little League Minor Wrap – The Local Derby

December 5th:  

There is nothing better than a Sandy vs Sandy game at any level of the game – but it’s particularly exciting at this level of the game, and particularly on a Sunday.

We’re fortunate this year that the numbers leave us with two LL Minor teams and what we saw on Sunday shows that there is plenty of talent in the game at our club.

Unfortunately the Kings were hit with some injuries and a couple of unavailables that meant they weren’t at full strength – but they certainly showed that they know the game and will continue to improve. It was terrific to see Henry and Claudio both working hard behind the plate, and both Isaac and George showed they have potential as pitchers. Nils did a sensational job with the bat going 2 for 3, and he is a whole handful of trouble on the basepaths with his speed. He made a couple of great plays at third too – and whilst not completing the out, the baseball brain is working!!

A massive thank you too to Antonie. I asked if anyone would be interested in joining the Kings to help them out – his hand shot up and he played a terrific game. 1 for 2 with a run, and a brilliant play at shortstop was fantastic to watch.

From our own team perspective I couldn’t be happier. 9 runs on 8 hits for the game is terrific. We have really been concentrating hard on getting better at bats and the last 3 games have showed just how good we can be. Bear in mind too that those statistics don’t include the balls hit into play were a hitter is out – but might move runners around, or even have a teammate score. It is a vital part of the game. And one that the boys seem to be becoming more comfortable with.

The individual sacrifice for the team’s benefit ….

If we can keep on improving this side of the game – we will really have had a successful season from a team perspective.

I should say at this point, that I hope all the boys get the chance to read these emails – they are written as much for them as for Mum’s and Dad’s. It’s important they understand just how pleased we are with their improvement, and the fact that getting in and swinging the bat is the most important part of our game. Strikeouts don’t mean anything other than you’re prepared to have a swing at the ball …. and that’s exactly what we want. No one gets a hit without swinging!!

Well done to Hoppo, who made his debut on the mound – it was a solid start, and it’s onward and upward from here. Peter and Jacob did a terrific job too. We are slowly producing some really solid pitching performances. Hunter Richardson deserves a mention too – his first assignment behind the dish receiving Robinson!! I’m under no illusion how challenging it can be as a catcher to work with someone like Roo … he throws well, and hard, and can be a little erratic at times too so to be the guy behind the dish can be difficult!! Well done Hunter – and well done Sid, who does it week in week out.

Finally – congrats to Sunny, Jacob and Sid for two hits each in the game, you guys have come on tremendously and I love the anticipation I feel each time you guys step into the batters box. Congrats to Robinson too who had 4 RBI’s for the game! A ground out to score Jacob in the first was brilliant – but the bases clearing triple in the second was outstanding; particularly the base running – getting the hit is one thing, but great base running is the key on a play like this.

My sincere thanks to Iain Richardson for stepping in for Nick this weekend, and to Matt Hopkinson for making his umpiring debut!! As a team we are incredibly fortunate to have the level of parental participation that we do – on behalf of the club, and our boys THANK YOU.

Next week we are at home against Bonbeach. Unfortunately I’m not going to get back home next weekend – the one day weekend will prevent that.

Have a great week, train hard – and I’ll be watching the game on Game Changer!!

Let’s Go Royals!




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