Match Report 1s V Geelong – 7th Feb

February 8th:  

The Royals achieved their 10th win of Season ’15/’16 in a hard fought game against Geelong at Tulip Street.

James Darcy, back from Canberra, started on the mound but got into trouble after an infield error, 2 walks, and 1 HPB, saw the Baycats on the board with 1 run.

Branden Stenhouse took the mound to get the final out in the 2nd, and continued for 4 more innings, allowing just 2 hits, I walk and 0 runs in a strong outing.

Veteran Cameron Forbes started for Geelong restricting the Royals to just 2 hits in the first 3 innings. A catcher’s interference call, singles to Ryan Morris & Jake Sinclair saw the Royals with 2 on the board in the 4th, with much cheering from a big crowd at Tulip Street for Amanda’s Pink Day.

Sam Street took the mound in the 7th & pitched strongly for 3 innings, although 3 singles saw bases loaded for Geelong with 2 out in the 9th. However, Sam induced Geelong left fielder Mark Rigby to pop-fly safely into the glove of Royals shortstop Jordy Barnett to end the game.

Geelong:              1 run, 6 hits, 2 errors.
Sandringham: 2 runs, 6 hits, 2 errors.

The Royals moved to 10-14-1 on the season, and 3rd place in their conference on the back of that win, however with 2 games to go, they won’t be able to make up the difference to 2nd.. and remain only 1/2 a game ahead of 4th.  They finish off with 2 home games against Balckburn and Melbourne.



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