Match Report – Little League Minor A – A Terrific Win over Chelsea

October 26:  

Another terrific day for baseball and the boys came home with their first win of the season!

Final score I believe to be 7-5.

Sid started off on the hill and threw some great pitches with James catching for the second time.  James had some solid work behind the plate and with the experience from the last game he picked up right where he left off. Sid threw some good strikes putting the ball into play and the boys had some good outs.

Landon came into finish off the game from the mound and again threw some consistent pitches with the boys backing it up in the field. Roo came into catch the second half of the game after starting in left with a quick stint at short.  Roo displayed some great glove work behind the plate and showed us that he has a pretty decent arm on him throwing to 2nd and 3rd on occasion.

Jacob took a tough pitch to the ankle during his at bat and ended up on the bench – Brady came off the bench and played a solid game at 3rd and swung the bat really well. Griff played a great game at 1st today taking the throw from the others with confidence. Prior to pitching Landon was at 2nd and took a terrific diving catch – unfortunately the ball popped loose but what a great effort!  There was a little confusion on a pop fly to short which highlights the need to call the ball and finish off the play.  Sid had a great catch on a pop fly at 2nd base.

Jett, Sunny and Flynn started in the outfield and didn’t get a chance to get under any big fly balls – there were a few good balls hit to outfield and the boys displayed great hustle and really good throwing to get the ball back into 2nd base as needed.

The base running was a real highlight today with all the boys listening and advancing as required – big thanks to Wes for looking after the 3rd base coaching duties!

Hitting – across the board all the boys swung the bat really nicely.  Pitch selection was great with only a couple of boys chasing some interesting pitches!  The boys swung the bat nice and flat and there were some solid contacts made – my apologies again for not recalling who hit what but again the boys are diligent in listening to hitting instructions and making the opposing pitcher work for any strike outs.

I really want to impress upon you all how well the boys are bonding as a team – there is a lot of supportive talk and backing up.  I haven’t heard a bad word out of any of them towards a team mate – great stuff.  Also their attitudes and behavior towards the other team and players has been outstanding. I really want to boys to have a great time – if any of the boys want to try a different position let me know.  If I miss anything please let me know – I do get pretty involved in the game and I’m trying to make sure that the boys are always thinking about where they need to be, what the count is, where the play should be on either the fly or ground ball.

Nicole again was invaluable in making sure we were good to go as a team and thanks to Ella for scoring today!




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