Match Report – Little League Minor A close loss to Moorabbin

November 9:  

The weather Gods looked favorably upon us yet again with terrific conditions for Sunday’s game against Moorabbin.

A narrow loss going 10-12 to Moorabbin.

We started as the away team so we got to bat first – the boys had a great run with the inning being called at 5 runs crossing the plate. Again – I’m sure I’ll confuse at which inning what occurred but some highlights from the batter’s box saw Flynn have a nice line drive to the outfield bringing a in a couple of runs as did Sid with good contact and a couple of RBI’s. The boys protected the plate well not giving away too many free K’s chasing some pitches outside the strike zone. In all their pitch selection gets better each game and all the guys are getting bat on ball with more consistency – I can really see the kids thinking about the pitch and making a more calculated decision on going after it or not.

Big congratulations to our newest team member Luca, he had his first ever at bat – having not had the opportunity to play before he chased a couple of errant pitches but showed us all he is here to have ago and he swings the bat with urgency!

Whenever we are on offense the boys are working hard on the bases – as with the last couple of weeks the base running is getting really good. Most of the boys are now stealing 2nd with their eyes locked on the base and listening to the coaches for the order to slide. Wes is doing a ripper job at 3rd directing the boys as they come from 2nd looking to hold or go home. One of the things we need to work on at practice is ‘tagging’ up on the fly ball. We did get caught out on a line drive that their 2nd baseman snatched out of the air – always a tough one as our runners were on the move. In general almost all the kids are running through 1st base now – great stuff. One other item on base running is making sure that we slide at home plate when there is a chance of a play there – I almost want the kids to slide at home no matter what but we need to be mindful that there is always more chance of them getting injured.

In the world of defense we had some standouts – all the boys who threw on the day struggled at first (Landon opened, Griff came in to relieve and then Antonie finished up for us). It was great to see all of them regain composure, go back to their pitching routine and compose themselves. Griff had two balls hit to him while on the hill – both times he had to make a decision with runners on base and it was great to see the kids working under that kind of pressure. Brady had a solid game at 3rd looking after his bag, new recruit Luca had some time at short and props to James for having a red hot go at 2nd. We had few position movements with some of the kids coming off and on the bench and all of you should be proud that when asked to sit on the bench all the boys have done so without a word of complaint.

Sunny had a crack at 1st base and had a tough day at the office with two hard ground balls taking big second hops that then got by him – character building. He didn’t let it rattle him and he continued to work the bag well and we got some plays at first put together to get some outs.

I need to point out the throw that Flynn made – a long fly ball to far right field, Flynn chased it down and came up firing. He threw a bullet into 2nd base that didn’t need cutoff man anywhere near it! It was one of the best throws I have seen from a kid at this level. Jett was solid in left and swung the bat really well.

Also – Robinson (Roo) needs to be congratulated on his unprecedented level of sportsmanship. If you didn’t notice it – one of Moorabbin’s players was hit by our pitcher, Roo was catching. Roo removed his helmet and mask made sure the batter was ok, Roo then put his arm around the batter’s shoulder and walked up the first baseline with him. It was a pretty special thing to see. A parent from the other team later came to our bench to thank Roo and also to make sure I told his parents that ‘however you are raising that boy, you are doing it right’. Marty and Nicole – thank you. Again thanks to Ella for scoring it is a thankless job most of the time but we appreciate you.

If I left anyone out above it’s not for any reason – I’d also like to thank all the parents for their cheering and support of the boys.


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