Match Report – Little League Minor A v Chelsea

December 7:

One of the best things about being involved in junior sport is trying to keep things interesting for both our kids and ourselves – and despite the 6-2 loss to Chelsea on Sunday morning, I genuinely believed we achieved more in that game than we have out of some of our wins.

I should say – that once again, Nick allowed me to wander back into the team and be involved.   He has been fantastic for our team, and sometimes I probably over step my involvement, given he has worked so hard through the season so far.  Nick, thank you for stepping up – and thank you for being involved.  I couldn’t do it without you – neither could Nic, my wife – or our kids!

The fun aspect to Sunday’s game was to try and challenge the kids to get more hits than runs ….. At this level of the game, if we can have higher numbers in the “hits” column than in the “runs” column, we are approaching the game the right way at the plate.  Swinging the bats, and trying to score our runs by making contact with the ball.

Indeed – if the game was to be won on achieving our goal then we succeeded!  We put up a total of 5 hits for 2 runs for the game, with Chelsea putting up 2 hits for 6 runs.  It is a revealing statistic – and I’m incredibly impressed with our boys and their approach with their batting.

Notably both Flynn and Brady hit balls through the cones in the outfield.  Two great efforts with the bat, that perhaps don’t get the value the quality of the hit deserves, but none the less terrific at bats.  It was great to see James and Antonie amongst the hits too – they have good swings and did very well.  The final hit was Sunny’s …. who I almost didn’t recognise at the plate!  In the past couple of week’s his swing and approach at the plate as improved immeasurably!  He was swinging fast and hard – and looked every bit the slugger!

I should also mention Robinson’s final at bat …. he got onto a pitch like I’ve not seen him get onto one for a while, and it should have gone up the middle into the gap – but the Chelsea pitcher was equal to the task and plucked the ball from what was clearly “nowhere”.  It’s a tough way to go down – but boy did it take a great catch to do it.

Defensively I thought we did really well – Sidney came in to catch and sparked some nerves in the opposition – and with our own third baseman at one stage making a couple of brilliant throws to challenge the Chelsea running game.  While he didn’t quite get the out, he showed his team mates (and opposition) that he came to play!

Our pitching continues to improve too – Jett has shown that he is a very relaxed and natural pitcher.  Another terrrific outing for him with Griffin coming in to clean up the last couple of outs!  Landon too did a great job – despite it perhaps not being one of his best starts.  It’s never easy to throw a ball 40 something feet and hit a zone that seems to get drastically smaller the longer you try.  He worked hard, and his persistence will make him a better player and pitcher in the long run.

I love this little team of ours – we have some characters, we have some intensity, we have some fun ….. AND we play baseball!!

How bad can it be!

Finally …. it is our final game before the Christmas break this coming Sunday, and we are at home against Moorabbin.  I know that some of the boys are unavailable – please confirm that with us to make sure we will have enough for a team.

Have a great week



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