Match Report: Sandy Little League Minor A – An Improved Performance

October 20:

Firstly my apologies for being slightly late – Berwick is a heck of lot further away than I thought! Big thanks to Nicole and Marcus for getting the boys warmed up and stretched.

It was a brilliant day for baseball and I could not have been prouder of the boys in how they played, supported each other, listened and I think had a bunch of fun.

The boys batted first and all I can say is how impressed I was with every single one of them.  All of them worked hard on their pitch selection making Berwick’s pitcher really earn any K’s.  Honestly I can’t even remember who hit what but to have the innings called after scoring the max amount of runs was a great confidence boost for the lads.  The base running was excellent with the boys paying good attention to where the play was occurring and taking a base as needed.  All the boys slid very well – we need to work on running through 1st base!

Our first defensive inning saw Landon start on the hill – he threw a great inning!  Putting the ball over the plate he let his team mates look after the balls that were hit into play.  The infield boys really stepped up with their consistency around being in the ready position on each pitch and in backing up Landon on throw back from the catcher.

Brady caught again and did a terrific job – staying down on the ball and keep it in front of him as much as possible.  A huge shout out to James who went into catch for the first time ever.  He did a ripper job behind the plate!  Once the nerves passed and he settled there was great glove work and good hustle on the loose ball – he should be very proud of himself!

Landon came off the mound after throwing the max number of pitches and Griffin came into to close.  I have to say that Griffin struggled for the first few batters but we talked about going back to the same routine before each pitch.  I think this really worked well for him as he soon got himself right back into the game and threw some great pitches.  Probably the highlight of the game was our first double play!  Berwick hit a pretty good liner that Griffin snagged and then he made the throw to 3rd where Jett was able to tag out the runner –it was big league stuff!

Flynn was solid at 1st , Sid had  pretty quiet day at 2nd but had a couple of balls hit to the outfield thrown into him.  Griffin started at short prior to taking the hill and did a good job of knowing where the play should be going. Jett had a solid game at 3rd only just missing throwing out a runner on a well fielded ground ball.

I need to make mention of Roo – he started out in left then came into short when Griff went to the mound.  Roo was constantly helping his team mates with positioning on the field and encouragement.

Sonny, Jacob and Antonie worked the outfield well getting the ball to either the cutoff man or into 2nd as needed.

I think I heard the score at the end was 7-9 to Berwick – it was really of no importance to me.  To see the boys play and start to bond as a team was everything I was looking for and I think they had a ball – you wouldn’t have thought they had lost!

I hope they all came home with a smiles on their faces.




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