Match Report – Winter Royals v Mornington

Saturdays game against Mornington Black was more of a struggle than the score line may indicate for your Sandy Royals winter team.

A seemingly comfortable victory at 9-3 comes into true focus when it is revealed we scored 6 runs with two out in the third dig and a further run in the last in junk time.

Down a few regular contributors we struggled to hit the ball long in the perfect but chilly conditions.  Josh Smith was again unstoppable once on base stealing bases and scoring for both his turn at bat and in his role as catcher Dave’s courtesy runner.

Cae Eason was desperately unlucky not to bat in some runs in the first when his scorching line drive hit a stunned and stationary left field square in his mitt. Another good shot from Cae later in the game was also well taken in the deep outfield.

Trailing 3-2 into our half of the third we got lucky with two out. The sequence then went

Walk, hit, error, walk, hit, hit, hit, walk, walk  which saw six runs cross the plate but sadly leaving three on base.

Three hits in the last saw another runner score before Matt Kaplin was cruelly denied the chance for a second hit following his heroics in the third when his double into LF scored two vital runs. Time & game was called with Matt swinging for the fence to finish his turn at bat. Matt also walked in the second and is putting his hard work at training into practice on game day.

Our defense was dominated yet again by 7 strikeouts whilst we gave up 6 walks which was uncharacteristic. The Pirates threw away scoring opportunities by losing two runners at third when Ben Kaplin was called to step off and having another picked off by Dave Morehouse throwing behind the runner at third. Good defense but worrying that they got so close on the back of just three hits for the game.

It was good to see Josh back on the mound for the first time in months and that can only mean a stronger Sandy bull pen as we head into the second half of the season.

We are at home again this coming week against the now third placed team – Bonbeach. Our line-up will be boosted by some returnees to duty as we strive to extend our streak to 7 games.

We look forward to seeing Greg Street return to our fold in weeks ahead as he recovers from his knee replacement surgery. I think I over cooked the hotdogs but got away with it…get well soon Streety – the canteen needs your expertise.


Hits this week:

John McLoughlin x 1

Dave Morehouse x 3

Dave McKinnon   x 2

Ben Kaplin  x 1

Matt Kaplin x 1

Steve Smith x 1


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