You are never too old for Baseball – Masters Kicks off October 8th

Sept 26th: 

The Sandringham Royals strive to keep older baseballers playing, as well as giving players coming to the game later in life a chance to play our great game.

The Royals will be putting 2 Masters teams into the Victorian Summer League in 2018/19, one for over 38-year-old baseballers, and one for over 45s.

Previous baseball experience or lack thereof is no barrier to joining our group. You just need to be available Monday evenings in the October to March period and enjoy a laugh and relaxed competition with new mates.

The 15 game season is well spaced out around Christmas, missing games due to other commitments isn’t frowned upon and training is rare.

It’s perfect for those finding themselves running out of old friends and the kid’s activities are either subsiding and you’re losing that outlet or the kids activities are ramping up and your weekends are not really your anymore.

A game, some light BBQ dinner and a few drinks and you are home by 9.30pm latest, plus the family is more than welcome to watch and join us for dinner.

For further information contact Sandy’s Masters co-ordinator, Andy Holten at andrew@mtmvic.com.au


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