Winter Royals Clinch Minor Premiership

Winter Baseball – Minor Premiers.  That particular term applies to your Sandy Royals representing the club this year in the Dandenong Baseball Association C Grade competition.

We had a ripping year losing just two games of the 18 played whilst sharing the playing load across our roster of 16 team members. The depth of the squad allows us great flexibility both on the field and off the field when players need time away with family and business.

This past Saturday we took on Dingley who will be our opponent next week in the Second semi-final hoping for a path straight through to the Grand Final.

Our 8-4 victory on Saturday was pleasing but fairly hollow given that both sides were playing dead as the result could not alter the final ladder positions. We rotated our pitching duties across three of our staff and moved players around every dig to equal out the game time.

Dave McKinnon pitched two strong innings after relieving Ben Kaplin, his guile and off-speed gunk busters kept the Dingley batters off balance. Steve Lester showed his classy moves for the last two digs controlling the situation for one and two thirds digs until a few errors snuck into our game and we coughed up some junk time runs. No dramas as the game result could not change and we were all thinking of next weeks assignment.

Hits : Rob, Andy, Dave Morehouse, Cae, Dave Housden, Dave McKinnon, Marty, Ruby Smith

Scott McL and Ben Kaplin both got two walks to add base path pressure.

Thanks to Janet Kaplin for running the very busy canteen this week and our regular supporters.

Well done everyone in getting the team to this point of a successful season……so far.

Every Wednesday evening a dedicated group of up to 10 of our members gathered under the Tulip St lights to bat and field. It was a great team spirit building experience and wonderful platform for our younger players to get more training and improve their skills.

There will be a lot of support for our opponents down at Sandy this coming Sunday so it would be a real boost for the Royals if some of our Sandy family could come down and get behind this Royals team. Fuzzy’s BBQ and Streety’s Bar will both be in operation

Game time is 1.00 pm Sunday at home

Go Royals !


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