Jack Guiliano

Jack Guiliano is widely regarded as the father of baseball in Bayside.

Despite the Club’s inception in 1928 and the vast number of people who have played a significant part in the 80 plus years of Sandringham baseball, few have matched Jack’s dedication to our Club.

Here are a few notes on Jack’s baseball career and baseball involvement over his life.

1930 [aged 12] started playing baseball in South Australia at school [Norwood Central School] and also at East Torrens in the South Australian Baseball League – both in the Under 16 competitions

1930 to 1939 played with East Torrens, progressing through quickly in to the Seniors [Catcher for the Seconds in B Grade at 16 – the club played Firsts in A Grade, and Seconds in B Grade]

1941 to 1942 [Bombing of Darwin] as an RAAF Corporal was Vice Captain of the RAAF Baseball team formed at RAAF Darwin, playing against any teams that could be mustered up, from the AIF, RAN, visiting ships, etc. This ceased with the bombing of Darwin, and Australia’s direct involvement in to the second World War

1945 to 1948 played with St Kilda and was captain of the St Kilda Seconds and a team selector Sandringham Royals

Involved with Sandringham since 1954

1954 to 1955 Seniors Coach

1956 to 1960 Seniors Assistant Coach

1954 to 1962 Senior player in Firsts and Seconds [retired 1962]

Club President 1958, 1968/9

Club Treasurer 1962

Club Committee 1956, 1964, 1967 to 1970

Club Life Member 1961

1960 to 1969 coached the Sandringham Under 16/17 Teams

1976 to 1983 Controller and Junior Co-coordinator at the Sandringham Pee Wee Centre [Spring Street]

1986 to 1992/3 Coach of Under 10 and Tee Ball players to provide flow on for Sandringham Pee Wee and Under 12 teams
It is easy to see that through all this time at Sandringham, Jack has impacted the lives of thousands of local adults and children. He has lead by example with his devotion and dedication, and numerous members of our Club credit Jack with helping them achieve not only in their baseball careers, but also in their desire to be the best people they can be.

In 1981 Jack Guiliano’s involvement with Victorian and Australian baseball was recognized when he received the Australian Sports Medal for his services to the sport.

Since Jack’s official involvement in the club ceased, he continued to regularly attend the club, club matches both home and away, and many club functions. He proudly unveiled a plaque in his name that will forever hang over Jack Guiliano Field.

Jack has not just influenced Bayside baseball, but has been involved with the sport at both State and National level, with the Victorian Baseball Association, now Baseball Victoria, bestowing Life Membership on him in 1984.
Jack passed away peacefully at 93 years old in 2011.

The following is a brief rundown of Jack’s involvement with Victorian Baseball since 1965.

Junior League Committee Member 1965 to 1973/4

Manager and Selector of Victorian Under 16/17 State Teams 1966 through mid 1970s Chairman of Junior League through that period.

Promotions & Sponsorship ‘controller’ – responsible for the Coca Cola Company sponsorship of Junior League baseball from its inception to its conclusion during the 1970s; responsible for the Kookaburra and Puma sponsorships of Victorian State Teams [Seniors and Junior League] when these sponsorships were in place

At the request of the Australian Baseball Council [forerunner to the ABF], researched all of the junior baseball leagues being played in the USA, to evolve and recommend introducing into Australia the 3 Under Age groups of Under 13, Under 15, and Under 17. These were introduced in 1967

At the request of the Australian Baseball Council, organized, negotiated tour sponsorship, co-coordinated and directed the first tour to Australia by an international Junior baseball team. The Tokyo Little League Tour of Australia was in December 1969 through January 1970 and consisted of 6 matches, 3 between the Japanese team and the Australian team, and a game each between the Japanese team and a Victorian, NSW and SA state team

Junior League Life Member 1976

VBA Life Member 1984

From 1985, organized, co-coordinated and managed 6 international tours to West Coast USA for groups of promising Junior League baseballers to undertake tournament games and receive major league-supported coaching clinics. These tours were undertaken in 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, and 1995 and involved the participation of various

Californian universities and colleges on each tour, the major involvement being with UC Berkeley and UC Fullerton. Many of the players who traveled on these tours went on to further their baseball careers by enrolling in and attending US colleges and universities, to enhance the possibility of playing major league baseball.

There is little doubt to the level of influence Jack Guiliano has had during his involvement with the Sandringham Royals, and the impact that he has had on past and present players.